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What Are Fine Motor Skills in Kids

The movements that your child makes while using smaller muscles of hands and forearms commonly in activities like using scissors, pencils, opening lunch boxes or buttons is fine motor skills. These skills efficiently and significantly impacts the quality and time taken to execute it. Various autonomous skills are required to cooperate and properly control the object or to perform daily tasks without which can cause a child to lack in self esteem and lose confidence.

So what are some fine motor skills included?

How do you identify the lack of fine motor skills in a child?

- Constantly fidgeting and unable to perform tasks needing to be sat down.

- Showing no interest in pencil or scissors skills

- Avoiding self care activities and depending on parents to do it for them

- Being bossy with peers

- Too much interest in watching TV and avoiding activities requiring fine motor skills

- Many more other activities

Why are these skills important?

Without these abilities to perform daily tasks consistently, a kid’s confidence is deeply affected and their play options and academic skills will be compromised. It could cause them to be unfit to create a sense of individuality and be highly reliant on their guardians. Basic skills like dressing up or eating themselves will be limited. In the long run, lacking in fine motor skills can affect their social life with family and friends.

Some children show slow progression in displaying these skills. However, it is best to always consult the professional to get confirmation and help your child in developing these skills.

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