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How Can You Nurture Your Child's Brain?

Our brains are designed in a way that it anticipates certain things naturally. Air, Light, Languages, Food, and even the need for social interaction. However, there are other factors that contribute to these expectations as well. Introduction of new languages, things, environment, being incapable of social life are such examples that shape the brain. In order to nurture the brain, one has to train and expose the mind at a very young age and parents play a big role in this.

Here are 4 tips on how you can nurture your child’s brain.

1) What Would Your Brain Expect?

As an adult, you are well aware of how our brains work. So ask yourself, in order for my child’s brain to be exposed in the right way, what would the brain expect? How should I approach to create a positive mindset? How can I keep my child engaged that he/she would enjoy?

2) Limit Toys and Screen Time

Limit non-interactive toys that your child cannot learn from. More and more engaging and educational toys are available on the market these days. Children also tend to learn attentively from technology. In order to avoid affecting the brain negatively, it’s best to limit their usage of non-educational toys and shows.

3) Build Trust and Connect

Social interaction is crucial for the brain and it’s best if parents and siblings are the first point of contact to connect with. Through their everyday interactions with you, they learn languages, habits, social cues, etc. This builds trust and they can interact better as they grow.

4) Play Outside

Spending more time in the nature or an open environment helps to expose the brain in various ways. The brain feels more connected with the nature and calms the brain. Exercising and playing outside helps the brain grow and “detox” the unused connections made.

What other tips have you got?

Do let us know in the comments below and share some tips with other parents.

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