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How Can We Make Learning Fun And Engaging?

When it comes to education and learning, as educators, we want all students to be delighted and engaging. However, that’s not the usual case. As educators, not only are we stressed over plainly presenting materials in a manner student can comprehend, we also center around making them feel the urge to learn. Each time we are conducting a lesson, we end up considering how we can spark some enthusiasm in our students. Here’s some ways to help make learning in our classrooms all the more captivating and fun.

Encourage Interaction and movement in class

Not just students, even us as adults, we tend to get fidgety and antsy. No one enjoys sitting in the same place for hours. Adding movements during classes makes everyone more alert and engaging. Tagging a movement to a word or concept to assist with memorising or showing some actions like clapping or putting hands up when students agree or disagree to something are great ideas! Changing table arrangements frequently will also allow students to be alert and have fun moving around. This gives them the opportunity to interact with other students instead of just their known buddy. This is a form of networking and befriending classmates without hesitation. Remember to sneak in some movements into your lesson plans to get these students more engaged.

Connect learning to real life

The lessons and examples you deliver to students has to be taught with real life situations included. As we link certain topics with our everyday life, students will be able to visualise and understand the topic easily. For example, during science classes, we can include tree-planting or even growing a plant together as a class to teach the concepts. There are a lot of effective ways to incorporate real life scenarios into our teachings so as to ensure students don’t see learning as a chore and actually enjoy!

Incorporate Technology into Learning

The world is a technology world. Kids are exposed to technology since they’re babies. Kids love technology. What better way to get a student to be engaged in learning other than integrating technology into lesson plan? Of course this has to be in moderation. Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose and simply be an invaluable tool in the classroom. Students have fun (and learn) while playing educational computer games and doing online practice activities. Educational institutes are encouraging more e-learning studies because of the demand of technology in our lives. Using Virtual Reality is becoming more popular over the years and instead of physically going to a place to learn, we can conduct the “trip” in the convenience of our classrooms.

Include Friendly Quizzes & Competitions

Kids in general enjoy games and quizzes. Including competitions along the classes takes away the thought of learning being a chore and they get to actually have fun! Using sticker collection system for an entire term, or giving candies as gifts for winners encourage them to actively be present and participate during classes.

Listen to students opinions and engage in discussions

Encouraging interactions will also give them the opportunity to voice out their agreements and disagreements for some ideologies. This also sets an example that their voice has to be heard and they have a safe space to speak their mind. Everyone’s minds work differently, and by listen to each other’s opinions, we get to learn about how their thinking process works and how we can adjust our lesson plans accordingly.

As educators, once we master the art of teaching in a fun and engaging manner, we will not have to worry much about the students as the results will be more rewarding eventually. We might even enjoy teaching lessons more than the students as we create a positive impact on the students’ learning journey.

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