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Developing Soft Skills in Our Children

With how fast-paced the world is becoming, we as parents are always thinking of ways to ensure that our children are prepared for the future. The combination of both hard and soft skills are what defines success in the career world.

Soft skills are interpersonal skills where our children learn to develop communication skills, listening skills, sympathy and empathy for others. How can we develop soft skills in our children?

  • Teaching them Emotions

Children should be taught how to differentiate emotions and to express them. Learning to translate the body language of others will teach them empathy. Explain to them that they can feel any way they wish but they must be able to control their actions.

Assist them to cope with their feelings and emotions constructively. This would help them understand non-verbal signals from others and for them to display non-verbal communication appropriately.

  • Encourage them to Communicate

It is crucial for the parents to maintain a good balance of help and encouragement when children are learning to interact with others appropriately. We should encourage them to be more willing to join an activity with peers and other people.

Give your child a good company, exposure and chances to interact with different types of people. Developing public speaking and presentation skills will help your child to communicate their ideas and thoughts to others in a clear and coherent manner.

  • Expose them to Purposeful Play

Engaging in purposeful play allows our children to make decisions and evaluate issues or problems exposed to them. It gives them the hands-on experience to discover, explore and create new devices. This would teach children the willingness to trying alternative solutions when meeting with a problem.

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